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Couples warn of wedding planner's false promises

Le 1 décembre 2016, 09:23 dans Humeurs 0

Jennifer Oliva and her husband renewed their wedding vows last week, but they had been planning the big day for over a year.

A huge hiccup with the table linens and centerpieces Oliva ordered, and paid for, prompted her to call Channel 2.

“I paid her one payment in March and another in April,” Oliva said. “Then she said she never received the payments."

The wedding vendor is a woman named Karin McLearn, who runs a business called ‘Keep it Simple Bridal.’

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Oliva has receipts showing she paid $600 to McLearn’s PayPal account, but McLearn said she never received the money.

Oliva said McLearn didn’t show up to her wedding reception, and she fears she will never get her money back.

“Even if I don’t get my money back, I wanted to let others know the type of business she is doing and make others aware so they don’t fall into the same trap I did,” she said.

Sadly, Jennifer and Justin Richard say they are victims, too.

They hired McLearn to do the catering at their September nuptials, but said they didn’t get what they paid for.

They told Channel 2 they paid more than $6,000 for gourmet chicken and turkey, but that’s not what was served at their wedding.

“The food was terrible,” Richard said. “To the point some of our guests left and went to Jack in the Box and some of our guests told us they also went to Taco Bell. It was so embarrassing and hurtful to us.”

Richard said they paid for food that was worth $30 a person but were served food worth only $10 a person. They would like their money refunded.

“I would like for us to get our money back and also for her to stop doing this nasty business and ruining people’s special day,” the Richards said.

In an emailed statement Mclearn said, “I have never claimed to be perfect and have tried to be very honest with my potential clients about my experience and that no celebration goes perfectly. I have always been and remain committed to providing my very best services to every client. For every mistake in judgment we have encountered along the way, we have developed a solution to ensure that it does not happen again.” McLearn went on to say, “I have a clear conscience knowing that my staff and I have always done everything in our power and worked very hard to provide the best possible catering services under whatever circumstances we were presented with. Nonetheless, we no longer provide formal, special event catering services that could even potentially lead to these issues.“

“We just want to get the word out,” Justin Richard said. “She’s done this to several people and gotten away with it.”

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The Biscuit Factory hopes to woo couples with bi-annual wedding open day

Le 8 novembre 2016, 09:44 dans Humeurs 0

A Newcastle gallery is opening its doors to brides and grooms-to-be this month for its bi-annual open day.

The Biscuit Factory - shortlisted for Best City Venue in this year’s UK Wedding Awards - will be hosting its wedding open day on Saturday, November 26, 12pm – 4pm.

The Biscuit Factory will open its doors to engaged couples on 26 November, 2016

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The event is an opportunity to see the gallery’s dedicated events space, The Biscuit Room, laid out for a ceremony and reception.

Throughout the afternoon, The Biscuit Factory’s events team will be on hand to talk to guests, one-to-one, about the venue’s unique portfolio of services, The Wedding Collection.

Tom Gostling, Events Manager at The Biscuit Factory says: “We’re holding our open event on a weekend for the very first time and hope that this new format will enable even more couples to come along and see our beautiful venue first-hand. We love meeting with couples face-to-face, to discuss how we can help make their dream wedding become a reality.”

Guests can also enjoy a selection of handpicked canapés as a little taster of the in-house catering; accompanied by a complimentary glass of fizz.

Located within the Ouseburn valley, The Biscuit Factory is housed within a former Victorian warehouse, providing weddings with an inspiring, culturally-infused backdrop that’s characterised by contemporary art collections, wooden beams and original brickwork. Its purpose-built Biscuit Room is one of the largest in the city, accommodating up to 150 guests for a ceremony and 250 seated guests for a meal and party.

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How to Pull Off a Seasonal Wedding Without Overdoing It

Le 28 octobre 2016, 08:20 dans Humeurs 0

Whether you handpicked your wedding date or went with whatever was available at your venue of choice, the time of year you host your nuptials can play a role in some key decisions. But the month you get married shouldn't fully dictate the look and feel of your big day. We asked some pros for their advice on how to keep your wedding seasonal without going overboard.

Don't Over Do It

The trick is to use seasonal décor sparingly, says Audrey Isaac of 100 Candles. "The goal should be to give a nod to the season without it completely overshadowing your theme," she adds. So you can skip the decorated fir trees and wreaths around the holidays. Simply pair lanterns and LED lights with a few pinecones and touches of evergreen. And get creative with glass vessels. You can fill them with seasonal fruits like cranberries floating in water.

Fall Seasonal Wedding

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Think Beyond the Obvious

For September through November, resist the urge to scatter leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere. "You will quickly go from 'fall' to 'craft fair,'" says Kim Sayatovic of Belladeux Events. If you're getting married in the spring some simple, fresh flowers is enough to give a seasonal feel. And in the summer, cool colors and sheer fabrics can make you feel like you're in the French Rivera, Sayatovic says. The same goes for weddings around other holidays, like Valentine's Day. Bag the hearts and go old-school romance instead. Use famous love quotes for table assignments or as handheld banners at your photo station, says Paula Ramirez of the Historic Mankin Mansion.

Go Subtle on Color

As far as color, instead of literally decking the halls in red and green at Christmastime, Isaac says to opt for rich metallic tones such as gold and copper. Avoiding the highly obvious choices will help you steer clear of making your wedding look more like Santa's workshop. Similarly, autumn weddings can rely on some gorgeous colors like reds, oranges and yellows, but hold back from using them too generously.

Pick Just One Element to Highlight

Visual subtlety is definitely the way to go, according to Jamie Chang of Passport to Joy, who says picking just one element — for example, the color orange or twinkling lights — for incorporating the season without overdoing it. That said, she recommends thinking of the experience itself in addition to the aesthetics. "Focus on the bringing in the mood of the season and the feeling. That could be in the food or the drinks or the program or the favor or how guests are greeted." A cozy and warm squash soup for fall or a fun wine slushie drink for summer are always a hit with guests. A dessert table packed with traditional holiday treats made by relatives is also a great idea, adds Amy Kolodziej of Sunshower Photography. You can also allude to the season through wedding favors to enjoy at the party or take home. Chang suggests small potted flowers or seeds for spring or greeting guests with something that will make them more comfortable, like hand warmers in winter.

Keep Personal Style At the Forefront

Just remember, don't get carried away. Your best bet is choosing delicate seasonal undertones while using your own personal style to solidify the aesthetics, Ramirez says. So try not to obsess over every single detail being "on season." Being selective about where you choose to highlight fall, winter, spring or summer touches will give it a more natural effect and reduce overall stress. "Don't let it be the focus or take away from what is special about the day — the ceremony and being with the people that are close to you to celebrate," says Emily Sullivan of Get Polished Events.

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