In our opinion, nothing beats plopping down on the couch with a glass of wine and tuning in to our favorite gals on Netflix — the Gilmore Girls, that is. Which is why we were SO excited when news broke in Octoberabout Netflix's upcoming four-part revival of the TV smash hit. Who can blame us? Lorelai is basically our spirit animal, after all.

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But what may trump that initial excitement is news that the show may be airing a WEDDING. Yep, you read that right. Instagram user jmckami1 just shocked the Internet with a rather peculiar pic of what appears to be a prop used on the Gilmore Girls show. In the photo, taken from a tour of Warner Bros. Studios, you can see an antique lamp with an unassuming yellow piece of paper taped onto the front. Upon closer inspection though, you'll see a line that reads, "Set name: Wedding."

Ahem, what?! Now before you freak out, this is all the detail we really have about the rumored wedding. But that doesn't mean you can't imagine all of the possible couples who could potentially be tying the knot! Will it be Rory and Jess? Possibly. Only time will truly tell.

One thing is for sure, at this point in time Sookie St. James will not be attending said wedding. In case you missed the monumental news, Melissa McCarthy, who plays Sookie's character, reportedly wasn't invited back for the show's revival. This caused quite a stir back in early February, but fans have since moved on from such a blow now that they know Rory Gilmore's first love, Dean, will be returning.

Other characters who will be starring in the revival are Luke Danes played by Scott Patterson, Paris Geller played by Liza Weil, Lane Kim played by Keiko Agena, Emily Gilmore played by Kelly Bishop, and Kirk Gleason played by Sean Gunn, among other notables.

Although there's no official release date, we do know the four-episode reboot is currently being filmed. Oh, what we'd do to get a peek of these 'sodes right now!

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