In the latest Don't Tell the Bride mum Debbie is left in tears when she realises her soon-to-be son-in-law has ruined daughter Holly's dream day


One mother-of-the-bride is left distraught when she realises her soon-to-be son-in-law has ruined the biggest day of her daughter's life.


Mum Debbie doesn't hide her feelings towards Cole, who unbeknown to her has planned a Wild West-themed wedding day for her daughter Holly.


In the latest Don't Tell the Bride , where the groom is given £14,000 to plan his big day, Cole decides to ruin his girlfriend's dreams by buying her a short dress.


The couple have only been together 18 months, becoming engaged after five and buying a house together, which left her mum worried because she felt like she didn't know the groom at all.


Don't Tell The Bride Series 1, Episode 3 Holly and Cole


In the episode she shares her concerns: "It has all happened so quick, never did I ever think you and Cole would get together. Seriously, I never thought you would.


"I don't know him that well really and don't know how he can cope with things."




Although the pair were together a few short months, they had known each other since childhood but it didn't put Debbie's mind at rest, with her hoping that the three weeks they had to spend apart could change things for the better.


"Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you may even change your mind..."


Both Holly and her mum are left in tears when they discover Cole's choice of dress, the total opposite to her dream of a full-length fishtail dress and veil.


His plan of bringing "the Wild West to Essex" with a cowboys and Indian themed day means he's opted for a £995 knee-length gown.


Because he wanted her to arrive on horseback - even though she isn't keen on horses - as a 'damsel in distress' Cole picks the dress so it won't get muddy at the ranch he has hired as the venue.


He explains his plan to hold a re-enactment to start the ceremony: "My vision is gun fights and bales of hay. From an early age I remember playing cowboys and Indians and I still love it.


"I love the outlaw mentality that comes with it and I like to put on a show."


But Holly is not a fan and bursts out crying, along with her mother, as she tries it on: "It is really short. I don't like how short it is. I feel more like a fairy than a bride.


"I hate my legs hanging out. I never thought I would wear a short dress on my wedding day, it is not what I would pick."


Debbie does nothing to help matters as she adds: "I am not saying this to upset you. It is a shock. I didn't imagine this. I just thought it would be long."


Realising that there would be no way to change the dress, her mum tries to be more positive: "The more you look at it the nicer it becomes, it was a shock when I first saw it but once it is altered and it fits…"


Cole is in bad books with both of them when he informs them he has no money left for alterations, and only at the last minute buys her some white cowboy boots to wear on the day.

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