So much preparation goes into a typical wedding. Months of planning, shopping, talks and selections, and you forget one thing; your world turns upside down. After all the hustle and buzzle, one thing the newly-wed and their entourage can care less about is to let their hair down and have a bit of fun. A long guest list, colourful and extravagant venue, lavish feast and a series of rituals were the key lookouts for the ‘big’ fat Kerala wedding.

Brief ceremonies of the past are replaced by themed or fusion weddings, at resorts or unique locations and with DJ nights. (Representational image)

But there is something novel. The fever of having a DJ night post wedding reception parties is gripping Malayalees more than ever, and weddings are no longer a brief ceremony, with people coming like zombies, posing for the photographs like a set tone, munch and go. It has become an event, and events are designed like a show. The usual formal function has changed its mode. Event management companies and wedding planners are going that extra length to make it more participatory and to make it a more glamorous affair. Jibin John, managing director of one of the leading event management companies in Kochi, informs that DJs are becoming an essential requirement for weddings when they get enquiries. “People are looking for more theme based and destination weddings. It is an influence from the North and the western countries. They go overboard trying to outdo each other in innovativeness with themed weddings, fusion weddings and weddings at expensive resorts or at unique locations. They no longer want a ceremony where the audience is passive, when they are ready for the most special day of their life. So DJs are exclusively asked to make their day with music, dance and fun. We also give an affordable package, which gives them the push to spend a little extra for their one-time event,” says Jibin.

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As couples discover new, grander ways to celebrate weddings, DJs in town are making it a bigger buzz, filling the dance floor. The late night party flavour in cities like Kochi has seen a dip post the ‘anti-liquor’ policy that shut down many bars and pubs. “So, wedding ceremonies and bachelor parties are the only time people get to have some fun and dance to the fullest,” says DJ Strawz aka Ashok. In a month, Ashok gets calls to do four events minimum. “There was a wrong perception of DJs until this trend kicked in, because parties were always associated with wrong motives. But this scenario has changed. In a wedding party, initially everyone will be a little reluctant but we blow it when everybody gets into a comfortable state,” laughs Ashok.

Another sought-after DJ Arnet Xavier says this trend was initiated by the Anglo-Indian crowd settled in the state. “There is no ceremony for them without music and dance. From couple dance, sangeeth, mehendi and haldi ceremonies, the wedding festivities are becoming more grand. Keralites are fascinated by these traditions,” says Arnet. He is of the opinion, there is a ‘multi-cultural’ element hidden in it. “Most of the youth from Kerala are used to seeing other cultures, either by studying or working abroad. So when their wedding comes, they will have guests from other states or countries. This is one major reason. Ideally, you want your guests to be up and on their feet and grooving to the sound of the music all night long. So this once-in-a-lifetime event for most people in India, are becoming something worth remembering,” concludes Arnet.

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